Extravagant Sumptuous Villas from Airbnb The expansion is something which always happens in any kind of business in this world. It is obvious that all the entrepreneurs would like to expand their business to serve the people better across different parts of the world. Apart from that, they would obtain huge amounts of revenue as well. Every successful business starts on a small scale and later it starts to go places. In today’s world, people expect things to happen rather rapidly than the traditional way. It is fast moving and people have started to adapt to the changes which are happening around them. Technology has been a great boon to the people of today’s generation. They have been able to perform better at work and home as well with the help of it. There are people who travel often to different places around the world and they want a place to stay. It is most obvious that they will book hotel rooms or stay in a lodge. Time has changed a lot of things around us and people now found different ways to find a place to stay. People have started to rent out their empty properties for short term Tdotz vacation rentals. Airbnb has been a great medium for the people who wanted to make some extra money with their empty apartment and houses. When it comes to travelers, they were able to find places to stay which are cozy and comfy. It has been around 10 years now that, they have been a good medium to bring the guests and hosts together at one single place. There are many listings on the site, the houses range in different ways and each one of it is special in its own way. It has planned to expand its business and now they are into listing out the luxury villas around different happening cities and islands as well. There are around 3 million listings at present on the Airbnb site. In which it consists of around 1400 castles alone. It is true that each one of us at some point in time would have wished to live life at least once kind size. There are a few people who come from a rich and luxurious background. They would like to stay is extraordinary houses with a great amount of comfort. Airbnb casperon has made as a possibility for these people and bought the Luxury Retreats to pamper the high profile people. They didn’t want to remain just as a mere a site where people can share their houses at reasonable rates as vacation rentals. It is aimed at providing better stay for the travelers and makes them feel pampered and comfortable in the place where they would stay for the vacation. The famous online home sharing organization acquired the Luxury Retreats for around 300 million dollars. There were other companies which have plans to buy this Luxury Retreats, but Airbnb did manage to outdo the other famous travel companies and successfully made the deal. There are around 4000 rental properties which have extravagant ambiance and scenic surroundings to have a relaxing and peaceful vacation. It is said that the listings will include the famous Richard Branson’s island as well. The island will be integrated into the Airbnb system; it will be an exciting experience to the travelers to be able to spend a vacation on the island. The company started on a small scale, 10 years down the lane and it has made a big mark for itself in the travel industry. At present, the company is valued to be worth of around a whopping 30 billion dollars. It is not for the first time that they are cracking deals with different companies, they have done it in past and have reaped a very good profit as well. Apart from this particular acquiring, it is said that the company to buy another company shares as well. They are in the beginning stages of cracking business deals; Luxury Retreats is just the start for many deals to come up. There are many villas, which the people from high profile can have a good weekend party with their friends. Necker Island is owned by Richard Branson, and for 80,000 dollars a night, around 33 people can stay in 9 different houses of the island. It includes food for all the guests who are staying on the island; it would really a great time to spend with friends on an island. For the people who are on a lower budget scale, there are other locations which Luxury Retreats provide for the travelers. There is St. Barthelemy where a night’s stay would be around 3,751 dollars when it is off season. It is available for 7 nights at the minimum throughout the year. For the vacationers who are with a low budget can opt for this option, a farm house with 7 bedrooms in Tuscan village, Casciano for 837 dollars to 1,141 dollars with a minimum of seven-night stay for this one as well. There are a few retreats which offer special services to the guests to make it be more of Airbnb. It has been able to progressive growth in terms of the revenue, by just giving way for the guests and hosts to get connected to share their safe havens and make the guests feel at home with great comfort and peace. It has helped millions of travelers to feel at home still being away from their homes. This particular deal also gives way to creating a new identity for the famous platform of home-sharing which is Airbnb. It is a fact that the company has been facing a few legal accusations in different parts of the world. The company is trying its level best to make things better and get a better perspective of the business. It is said that Airbnb will go on a full scale to be the full-time travel agency. In the past, the travel agencies from the corporate were providing listings of Airbnb for the travelers who travel on business trips. In November of 2016, it went off the hook and provided different kinds of trips for the travelers apart from the regular vacation rental service, like there were trips from the locals, walking tours with an audio guide, restaurant and concerts as well. Apart from that, the company has planned to integrate the flight ticket booking system on its site as well. It is said that the company is teaming with the loyalty programs of the Airline industry. They have been giving a very healthy competition to the conventional hotel & lodging for the travelers. It has outnumbered the number of bookings which people make on its site compared to the usual ones. One of the competitors stated that they are going to acquire Travel Keys which is rental for luxury houses. It is said that it has around 5000 properties in 100 different destinations throughout the world. Now, we can expect that it is going to be really tough with these two different options available for people to choose. The company has bolstered the complete hotel and lodging industry with its new approach. We can be sure of the fact that there are going to be big and better in the days to come by.